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About Us
Annalakshmi Restaurant

A hallmark for vegetarian dining.

Annalakshmi is a unique unconventional restaurant of its kind that attracts diners from all walks of life.

Our principal motive is service and not profit.
Annalakshmi was not established as a business venture competing with others to make profit in a stipulated time.

We run largely by volunteer staff who joyfully serve in an assortment of restaurant activities;

From cooking, serving, setting & clearing tables, dish washing, taking orders, transporting etc. They do not “work” for “shift hours” just to make a living. They volunteer and dedicate their time because they find joy in the underlying philosophy of serve, love and give. There is no hierarchical organization structure with policies and strategies to make profit. No reporting to supervisor. It is an example of a group of like-minded hearts coming together to serve.

So how can we put price tag to such an act of love, selfless service?

  • That is why almost all Annalakshmi outlets in the world runs on this concept of “Eat as you want, Give as you Feel”.
    We do not mean to embarrass you; our esteemed guest, or put you in a tight spot by making you, instead of us, decide the price for the meal. Let this not be a factor bothering you, if it does. Have your meal first, pay whatever comes to your mind; that is perfect and appropriate for the meal you had in Annalakshmi. There is no right or wrong amount for the meal you had in Annalakshmi. We gratefully accept whatever it is.
This principle is not only in Annalakshmi, but also at TFA where admission to all our stage music/dance productions is by invitation without a ticketed fixed price. We, perform just for the love of it and guests are welcome to give whatever they feel.

Pay according to your satisfaction of the food is a SHAM. We were told my the cashier that we should pay according to the price of a restaurant. Disappointed and feel being cheated.
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18 May 2017 17:27:27
Products & Services

  • Indian Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Buffet and Ala Carte
  • Lunch Deliveries
  • Catering Services for Indoor Parties

There is no fixed price for our dining menu in Annalakshmi. It is an “Eat what you Want and Give as you Feel” concept.

Village Residence Clarke Quay #01-04, 20 Havelock Road 059765
Tel 6339 9993
Telok Ayer Shop Houses , 104 Amoy Street 069924
Tel 6223 0809
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